SMTP port 465 with OpenSSL

This content will guide you how to use OpenSSL in LINUX command to send email which requires authentication that is generated using base64 with the combination of email address and password.

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Implementing web application using C++

A quick coding to start making a web server application using C++. This application is simply a socket programming that accepts a request from the client web browser then sends back to the client by accessing from the real file system.

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Managing to run c++ on a web

This article will show you how the server page is processed. It starts from your CSP (C++ Server Pages), where C++ codes are mainly inside the scriptlet, then create CPP (if not exist or re-create if it is modified) then generate a DLL.

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C++ Apache Module

A simple C++ module for Apache and yet friendly to learn especially for the beginners. This is a very straight forward implementation of C++ where it requires a basic knowledge of how the C programming language works.

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C++ OpenSSL

This is to provide a simple implementation of OpenSSL in C++. It is easy to set up and easy to use and no required OpenSSL installer, just extract the files then get the required files for your program and leaving you to doing real work.

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